Next Generation Analytics for Smart Grid and Microgrid Applications

We offer engineers a full suite of professional on-demand power system design and analysis web apps that integrate next generation EPRI power system analysis technology. Our goal is to deliver a much friendlier, and modern environment where electrical power engineers can instantly benefit from the latest open-source EPRI technologies in order to advance knowledge in the art and science of power system engineering and participate in the discovery of novel designs and solutions that address renewable energy integration and adoption.


Powered By EPRI Smart Grid Analytics

Xendee's cloud computing platform is powered by OpenDSS; EPRI's main research tool for next generation distribution system analysis.

OpendDSS offers an indefinitely expandable electrical power system simulation tool that supports many new types of analyses designed to meet future needs related to smart grid, grid modernization and renewable energy research.


  • Power Flow Analysis.
  • Motor Starting Analysis.
  • Short Circuit Analysis: Classical.
  • Short Circuit Analysis: ANSI/IEEE.
  • Balanced & Unbalanced System Analysis.
  • Built on a 100% Microsoft technology stack.
  • Powered by EPRI OpenDSS and LBNL DER-CAM.

Project Management Information Systems for Smart Grid Applications

In order to help achieve the financial objectives of next-generation electrical power distribution systems, Xendee has developed a suite of secure enterprise-class private cloud web applications for project managers and engineers. Our Power Engineering PMIS web apps deliver secure and reliable mobile and desktop solutions capable of meeting the communication and collaboration needs of virtually any utility distribution power engineering project environment, regardless of complexity.


Pre-Simulation Automatic Error Checking

See how smart error checkers assist designers and help ensure reliable simulation outcomes.

Post Simulation Visualization & Annotation

Experience how context-sensitive color & text annotation features help visualize simulation results.

Automatic Report Creation

Generate professional reports within seconds, and share your reports via many popular output formats.

Microgrid PMIS Web User Interface

See how Xendee's modern and intuitive web UI enables a broad range of users.

Built-In Microsoft Project Professional Features

See how Xendee delivers a standardized tool for project management.

Microgrid Power Flow Analysis

See how power flow analysis is preformed for typical microgrid power system models.

ANSI C37 / IEEE Short Circuit Analysis

See how flowing fault calculations are performed based on ANSI C37 and IEEE Red Book methods.

Motor Starting Analysis Demonstration

See how smart modeling tools assist designers and help ensure reliable simulation outcomes.

Overview Demonstration (1 minute: 38 seconds)

See how short circuit analysis is preformed for typical smart grid power system models.

Available as private cloud solutions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help facilitate consistent engineering analysis and management processes.

More Advantages

Open Source

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and freedom with direct access to the analytics source code.

Open-Model and Data

Enjoy indefinite extensibility. Easily access and extend Xendee models and data used to generate results.

Native OpenDSS Script Output

Experience extraordinary modeling capabilities via validated and error-checked native OpenDSS scripts.

Cloud Computing

Leverage the power of cloud computing for data-intesive analysis tasks while increasing accessibility.

Multi-Phase Analysis

Multi-phase and voltage capabilities allow modelling of both distribution and local transmission networks.


Benefit from open web technologies that deliver seamless sharing of designs and analysis with peers.

PMIS Cutting-edge project management solutions built on a 100% Microsoft technology stack.
Project Professional Native integration with Microsoft Project Professional eliminates the need for Project Server.
Work Flow Automation Real-time project status monitoring is enhanced with automation engines that enable collaboration.
Cutting-Edge Analytics Benefit from EPRI's world-class smart grid simulation technology and Distributed Generation research output.
Emulate Smart Controls Automatically compute settings for smart grid control elements such as Load Tap Changers and Line Voltage Regulators.
Internationalized Developed for engineers worldwide with 60hz and 50hz frequency support and Dyn1/Dyn11 vector group options.
Smart One-Line Designer Minimize the time that design errors cost through smart model validation algorithms and input data error checkers.
Power Flow Simulate and analyze smart grid, microgrid, and industrial power distribution networks.
Motor Starting Simulate and analyze the effects of starting machines on microgrids and industrial power systems.
Fault Analysis: Classical Simulate flowing faults for microgrids and unbalanced, multi-phase smart grid utility distribution systems.
Fault Analysis: ANSI/IEEE Simulate flowing faults for microgrids and industrial systems via ANSI C37 / IEEE method.
Automated Reporting Rapidly render professionally designed reports on network input data, simulation results and violations.
Simulation Visualization User-defined color and text annotations provide the visual language to enhance analysis of simulation results.
Arc Flash Analysis Analyze arc flash scenarios and calculate appropriate PPE levels for industrial distribution networks.
Dynamic Power Flow Coming soon. Capture both time & location dependent values of Distributed Generation via extraordinary load-shape modeling.
Protection Coordination Coming soon. Perform comprehensive device coordination studies for both industrial and utility distribution networks.