Make Collaboration More Productive

Xendee's open data sharing capabilities have been developed to foster collaboration and teamwork.

Extensive data import/export and open source file exchange features help improve connections between engineers and the information they need to address the many power system design challenges of an energy optimized 21st century.


  • Share Xendee Models Via Import/Export.
  • Export & Share Simulation Models Via Excel.
  • Share Simulation Models In OpenDSS Format.
  • Export & Share Reports Via Excel/Word/PDF.


Export Model Data To XML Or Excel

Export and share models through the Xendee model exchange format, or Microsoft Excel.

Export Model & Coordinates To OpenDSS

Export and share model data and simulation results in native OpenDSS script format.

Share & Exchange Projects

Easily share and exchange designs through Xendee's XML based import/export file exchange format.

Join today for free and transform your power system design capabilities.

Come discover a better way to engineer the future of electrical power and the integration of renewable energy sources.

More Advantages

Data Exchange

Share and collaborate on Xendee models through a modern and open data exchange framework.

Export To Excel

Export design data and simulation results to Microsoft Excel or compatible applications.

Export To OpenDSS

For unlimited flexibility, Xendee model data can be exported as a native OpenDSS script file.

Project Import/Export Seamlessly exchange Xendee project files with peers.
Unlimited Model Flexibility Export and share simulation models and layout information as a native OpenDSS script for unlimited flexibility.
Excel Data Export Export complete design data to Microsoft Excel for off-line review and analysis.
Raw Simulation Results Export Export and share raw OpenDSS simulation results in CSV file format.
Export Reports Generate professional reports within seconds and share your reports via many popular output formats.