Next Generation Design Tools for Smart Grid and Microgrid Applications

In order to help achieve the design and analysis objectives of next-generation electrical power distribution systems, Xendee has developed a suite of secure enterprise-class cloud web applications for power system designers and engineers. Our smart grid and microgrid one-line diagram modelers integrate unique design automation technologies in order to meet the engineering, design and collaboration needs of virtually any smart grid or microgrid system, regardless of complexity.


Cutting-Edge One-Line Design Environment

Xendee's high-quality UI controls have been fine-tuned for the task of authoring, viewing and editing microgrid and smart grid one-line diagrams, regardless of network complexity. There are no network size or bus count limits to worry about. Connectivity is automated via sophisticated routing algorithms and smart error checkers that eliminate the time-consuming task of manually positioning and connecting symbols.


  • In-Browser Web App.
  • Multi-Phase Unbalanced Designs.
  • Three-Phase Balanced Designs.
  • No Bus/Node Count Limits.
  • Automatic Routing + Layout.
  • Real-Time Error Checking.
  • Color + Text Annotation.
  • Internationalized (ANSI and IEC).


Microgrid Balanced 3-Phase Systems

Build and simulate balanced 3-phase microgrid and industrial power system networks with the help of a responsive and interactive interface.

Microgrid Unbalanced Multi-Phase Systems

Create and analyze high-fidelity multi-phase microgrid power system models.

Smart Grid Utility Distribution Systems

Model and simulate next generation utility distribution systems, smart grids and future grid modernization designs.

More Advantages

Automated Designer

Save untold hours. Xendee automatically draws the one-line diagram for you.

Interactive Visualization

Cutting-edge graph algorithms enlighten data and bring your network designs to life.

Smart Editors

Integrated engineering logic and real-time error checkers help eliminate input data & design errors.

Cloud Computing

Increase accessibility and productivity, while eliminating license management & maintenance costs.

New Approach

Power system design solutions & technologies that are as mobile and flexible as your project flow.


Benefit from open source technologies and seamless sharing of designs and knowledge with peers.

Automatic One-Line Layout Cutting-edge graph analysis and layout algorithms yield clear and concise multi-phase and 3-phase one-line diagrams.
Unlimited Bus/Node Count There are no node or component count limits for design and analysis of power system networks.
Unique Multi-View Modeler Engineers can seamlessly switch between one-line and data-grid/spreadsheet views to find, sort and edit network components.
Smart One-Line Designer Design-driven interfaces assist in the rapid modeling of 3-phase balanced and multi-phase/multi-wire unbalanced networks.
Internationalized Developed for engineers worldwide with ANSI/IEC symbols, metric/imperial, 60hz/50hz, and Dyn1/Dyn11 vector group options.
Analysis Visualization Design and simulation visualization is enhanced via color and text to reflect network status, design boundaries, and violations.
Integrated Catalogs Create your own custom equipment catalogs or use Xendee's default catalogs and minimize the need for nameplate data.
Smart Design Editors Real-time field level error checkers and tool-tips help avoid input data errors.
Pre-Analysis Error Checkers Sophisticated algorithms identify and help resolve network design issues to ensure reliable simulation outcomes.
Fluid Network Navigation 2D birds-eye view and an interactive locator tool assist in the identification & selection of equipment within large networks.
Google Maps GIS GIS model overlay features via Google Maps integration.
Time-Series Modeling Coming soon. Model and visualize both time and location specific values for DG, renewable generation and energy efficiency analyses.