Frequently Asked Questions

Does Xendee run on Windows and Mac OS X?

Yes to both.

We rely on the latest browser technology to deliver our service, so all that you need is a modern web browser on your Apple Mac or Windows PC (we suggest the latest version of Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer), and the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

How Much Does Xendee Cost?

During our current beta period the Xendee power system analysis service is free.

Once we exit the beta period, users can rest assured that we are committed to offering monthly subscription plans that are transparent, affordable and within the reach of power engineers world-wide.

Our Project Management Information System and Energy Information System costs vary depending on features, deployment configurations and support service levels customers need.

Can I Use Xendee On My iPad, iPhone or Android Device?

Yes and no.

Yes: Xendee Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) work on any Microsoft, Apple, or Android mobile or desktop device.

Yes, you can view, edit and manage the following Xendee power system analysis features from your iPad, iPhone or Android device:

  • Your Professional Profile.
  • Past Analysis and Simulation Reports.
  • Custom Equipment Catalogs.
  • Export Your One-Line Diagram Models to Excel CSV or Xendee formats.

The power system one-line modeler does not currently work on iPad, iPhone or Android devices as the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is not available for iOS or Android.

You will need to build and analyze your one-line diagrams within web browsers on a tablet, laptop or PC that allows the Silverlight plug-in to be installed.

The Silverlight plug-in is available for the following Apple Mac or Windows PCs browsers:

Do I Have To Create An Account To Use Xendee?

Yes, you will need to create an account in order to use the modeler and simulation tools. Your designs, analysis results, custom catalogs, and reports are all stored under your account.

Does Xendee Run Simulations On My Computer?

Xendee is a cloud computing platform, as such simulations and computationally-intensive graph analysis (used to automatically layout your one-line diagram) are performed on our secure cloud servers.

We can thus ensure extremely fast design flow, and simulation and analysis of complex designs regardless of the processing power of the device you may be using to access your Xendee service.

Your Xendee session, and all data is always encrypted using 2048-bit and SHA-2 (the strongest encryption available) prior to transmission to and from our secure cloud servers. You can verify this by noticing that all Xendee sessions are "Https" with the green lock displayed in your web browsers URL address field.

What Are The Network Size Limitations?

There are no node or component count limits.

Xendee implements cutting-edge in-browser graph visualization and analysis technology that has been tested on networks with over 10,000 nodes.

How Secure Is The Xendee Service?

Xendee utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today.

Users access Xendee using 2048-bit Certificates, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with AES encryption technology which ensures your information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption.

We also salt and hash all log-in passwords using a one-way algorithm.

In addition, Xendee cloud servers are hosted in secure, completely redundant environments that are PCI-DSS compliant and adhere to Safe Harbor Privacy. Moreover, other advanced technologies have been implemented to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

Can I Export My Xendee Model To EPRI OpenDSS

Yes, once your design has passed the Xendee simulation and data error checkers, simply run a power flow simulation. You will then see an option that allows you to export the raw OpenDSS simulation results along with a native OpenDSS script which you can open directly in OpenDSS.

Can I Import My OpenDSS Model Into Xendee?

Not at this time.

Can I Use Xendee Off-line?

Not at this time. An Internet connection is required to access the Xendee service.


More Questions?

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