Project Management Information Systems for Microgrid Applications

In order to help achieve the financial objectives of next-generation electrical power distribution systems, Xendee has developed a suite of secure enterprise-class private cloud web applications for project managers and engineers. Our microgrid PMIS web apps deliver secure and reliable mobile and desktop solutions capable of meeting the communication and collaboration needs of virtually any microgrid project environment, regardless of complexity.

Overview: Microgrid Project Management Information System

Manage, Monitor, Analyze, and Communicate

Xendee's microgrid project management information system leverages the latest Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server technologies to provide the sophisticated features managers need to generate project charters and schedules, monitor activity, control changes, and analyze project performance.

A 100% Microsoft technology stack coupled with Xendee's web software solutions delivers the communication features and real-time information essential for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a project.

Xendee's customizable work-flow engines can automate the entire design/review and construction engineering processes, and provide automated dissemination of project status to relevant stakeholders while enabling collaboration with full visibility and traceability on the chain of custody for project planning changes and engineering design issues.

Enterprise Class

  • 100% Mobile and Desktop Web App.
  • 100% Microsoft Technology Stack.
  • Rapid Implementation and Productivity.
  • Built with Microsoft SharePoint Technology.
  • Secure and Reliable for Mission Critical Projects.
  • Robust Collaboration and Issue Tracking.
  • Granular Roles and Permissions Management.
  • Document Design/Review Work-flow Automation.
  • Interactive Reporting + Management Dashboards.

A Proven Platform: Over $3 Billion in microgrid electrical power engineering projects are currently being managed with Xendee PMIS solutions.

Designed for Power System Managers

Project Status Information: Anywhere, Anytime

Xendee's microgrid project management information system natively integrate with the latest version of Microsoft Project Professional. Engineering managers can sync their Microsoft Project list of tasks with Xendee's PMIS solution - without using the Microsoft Project Web App.

Enjoy the benefits of "light-weight" project management where Microsoft Project Server is not required for web-enabled project management. With Xendee's PMIS, team members can view project schedules and update their work via mobile or desktop devices, with the changes automatically updated in Microsoft Project, and vice-versa. Real-time project status data, such as a project summary, time-line, task list and calendar can be viewed by authorized team members, anywhere, anytime.

When using Xendee's PMIS solution, team members can utilize the "All My Work in One Place" feature which displays and allows management of all tasks specifically assigned to a team member.

Cutting-Edge Project Management

  • Real-Time Project Status Monitoring/Reporting.
  • Sync with Microsoft Project Professional.
  • Intuitive: No Special Skills Required.
  • Monitor and Control Project Activities.
  • Create and Edit Project Tasks and Status.
  • Natively Integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Standardized Tools for Achieving Project Goals.
  • Robust Customization and Integration Options.

Available as private cloud solutions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help support your goals and facilitate consistent project management processes.

Microgrid PMIS Features

Integrate Project Goals

Implement standardized systems that integrate project schedules, goals and objectives.

Efficient Document Management

Centralize document storage, control access and track changes with integrated version control.

Team Collaboration

Anywhere, anytime access coupled with collaboration solutions facilitate communication and feedback.

Project Status Monitoring

Interactive web dashboards report accurate and timely project status data.

Roles and Permissions

Control access and define roles and permissions with powerful web based account management features.

Presentation Quality Reports

Intuitive, automatic report generation with rich exporting options (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, etc.).


Overview Demonstration of Xendee Microgrid PMIS Web User Interface and Navigation (0 minutes: 40 seconds)

See how Xendee's modern and intuitive web UI enables a broad range of users to benefit from the latest project management processes.

Built-In Microsoft Project Professional Features

See how bi-directional Project Professional sync and integrated features deliver a standardized tool for project management.

Cutting-Edge Search Service

Easily find project assets, resources and tasks and benefit from sophisticated search features including results preview and direct links.

Native Support for Microsoft Office

Integrated MS Office features combine the tools you know with collaboration, document version control, and tracking features.

More Advantages

User Account Management

Manage accounts, roles and permissions without the need for SharePoint Central Administration.

Work-Flow Automation

Customizable work-flow engines automate repetitive tasks and deliver measurable productivity gains.

Elegant and Easy to Use

Gamification in user interface techniques reduce complexity and enhance user adoption.

Enterprise-Class Technology Stack Benefit from cutting-edge Microsoft enterprise solutions and technologies.
Unrivaled East of Use Intuitive and easy to navigate web interfaces accelerate user adoption.
Rapid Deployment Core solutions can be deployed rapidly to meet immediate project management objectives.
Web Based Permissions Management Eliminates the complexity of SharePoint Central Administration in order to manage user permissions and access.
Web Based Work-flow Automation Tailored automation engines enhance collaboration and measurably improve efficiency for project managers.
Web Based Reporting Automation Customized real-time dashboards and professional reports improve project status visibility.
Enhanced Access Control Managers can quickly provide permanent or temporary, self-expiring user access rights to project sites.
Enhanced Security Multi-layer framework includes transport, data and edge security systems to protect data privacy.
Auditing and Tracking Interactive dashboards deliver real-time visibility into user activity, usage metrics, and site permissions.
Flexible Custom Configurations Design and configuration options ensure solutions that effectively support organizational strategic goals.